How to Bake a Pizza

Pizza is one of the all-time favorite dishes all throughout the world. It is packed with rich and healthy ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, tomato-based sauce and loads of other enticing toppings. All of these things add greatly to the delightful taste and exquisite goodness of this easy-to-cook recipe. People can easily savor the goodness and flavor of this simple dish by learning how to bake a pizza.

Important Materials and Ingredients

This particular dish is perfect especially for individuals who are always on the go. This moderate task involves very little time and preparation. On your way home, buy a 12-inch pizza. Choose one that is rich in sauce as well as packed with all-important ingredients. Prepare a small digital timer, a non-stick cooking sheet and a 13×18 baking pan. Once you have these items available, you can now proceed with the following steps.


Start this moderate task by preparing the oven. Put the oven racks in place. Place one at the bottom and then another one at the center. Pre-heat the oven by setting the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes to let the oven reach the desired temperature. Prepare the baking pan. Put the non-stick cooking sheet on top of it. After that, lay the pizza right at the middle. For food enthusiasts who wish to enhance their dining experience, you can simply put nuggets and French fries along the free spaces at the sides of the pizza.

Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, place the baking pan inside, preferably at the center rack. Set the timer to 15 minutes and then bake the pizza. Wait until the bottom part of it turns into a light brownish color. If you wish to cook the top part of the dish more, simply place it at the bottom rack of the oven. Set the oven to high and then bake for additional two to three minutes. Serve and enjoy.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

There are certain things you need to do in order to enjoy safe and successful cooking. When baking, it is best to observe extreme caution. Do not rush things. Always wear potholders especially when handling the oven as well as other hot parts. Do the same thing when holding the baking pan. To add more taste, it is possible to use garlic spray as a flavor enhancer. By broiling the top part of the pizza for an additional two minutes before serving, guests are guaranteed to enjoy the rich taste and flavor of the different ingredients used for this particular dish.

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How To Bake A Pizza