How to Bake a Ribeye Steak

Ribeye is taken from the cow’s rib section and is considered as an expensive beef cut. Its added tenderness and juicy flavor are due to the extra marble texture of this beef cut. Ribeye steaks are mostly seared in a pan or grilled but the good news is that baking it in the oven is also an added option.

Materials Needed for Baking

– Ribeye Steaks
– Pepper
– Salt
– Canola oil
– Broiler pan


1. Adjust the oven on a broil setting and put in advance the broiler pan to have a hot cooking plane for the steaks. Searing the ribeye steaks over high cooking temperature will seal in its flavor.

2. Salt and pepper is all you need for seasoning the steaks. You don’t really need to have a marinade for baking this one. Since ribeyes are one of the fine beef cuts, simple seasonings like salt and pepper are just what you need to bring out their natural flavor.

3. Lightly brush the canola oil into the ribeye steaks to avoid the meat from sticking to the pan while baking.

4. It’s now time to broil the steaks by placing them inside the preheated oven on the heated broiler pan. For safety purposes, wear oven gloves for protection from oil splatters. Sear the steaks for about 45 seconds on each side of the meat. For the thicker pieces of steaks, searing them for 60 seconds on each side will be good.

5. While searing the ribeye steaks, put the temperature of the oven to 400 degrees. Once you’re done searing, lower the temperature of the oven while baking the steaks to cook them through. The length of baking time will depend on how thick your steaks are and how rare you want them to be. To have the medium rare one-inch thick ribeye steaks, bake them for about seven minutes, turn the meat over, and bake them for another five minutes.

6. After baking, let the ribeye steaks rest for about ten minutes to finalize its cooking process. Letting the steaks rest will also keep the juicy flavor in the meat. After ten minutes of resting, cover them with some aluminum foil and spare some time to have their full rest before serving.


– Ribeyes are usually sold in any local grocery store but if you want to have a finer cut of the meat, it is best to head on to your local butcher shop.

– Baking the ribeye steaks for longer period of time is not good for the meat unlike the prime rib and roast. The tenderness and juiciness of the ribeye will be lost if baked for longer time.

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