How to Bake Bacon

Made from cured meat, bacon is a tasty ingredient used in cooking various kinds of enticing delicacies. This particular product contains loads of protein and fat, which the body needs to stay healthy and strong most of the time. To experience its fine taste and health benefits, it is really good to know how to bake bacon.

Ingredients and Materials Needed

The process of baking brings out some of the fine tasting qualities of bacon. However, you need to gather the right ingredients as well as tools in order to succeed in this task. For the glaze, prepare 2-teaspoons of Dijon mustard, ¼-cup orange juice as well as a cup of brown sugar. The most important of all is to purchase a pack of thick-sliced bacon. For the materials, you need to have an oven as well as a jellyroll pan, preferably one that measures at least 15 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch. It is also good to have materials such as paper towels, tongs and a baking rack in order to make the cooking experience a very pleasant one.


For this task, it is good to buy high quality bacon. Furthermore, choose a variant that is thick-sliced because this kind of meat is suitable for baking. Get the jellyroll pan. Put the baking rack inside. You do not have to apply grease on the pan for this particular dish. Arrange the slices of bacon in a single but organized layer right on the baking rack. Set the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Put the pan inside the oven and then bake for as long as 20 minutes or more. Cook each side of the bacon slices for 10 minutes before turning the other side. After that, take the baking rack out of the oven. Get some paper towels and then use them to drain the rack from the juices of the bacon slices. Serve them warm to guests and enjoy this simple but great-tasting baked bacon recipe.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

One way to enhance the taste and flavor of your bacon slices is to apply glaze on them. To do this, prepare a small bowl and then combine the Dijon mustard, orange juice and brown sugar. Mix thoroughly until the tastes of these ingredients are distributed evenly. Get a small brush and then use it to apply glaze on the slices of bacon. This method is to be done before baking. When cooking, it is always good to observe precautionary measures. Try to use mittens for your hands especially when you expect to hold hot surfaces.

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How To Bake Bacon
How To Bake Bacon

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