How to Bake Meringue

One of the most popular sweet treats that contain powdered sugar and white eggs, meringue can be used as key ingredients in desserts like the angel food cake and the key lime pie. This treat has different variations, which include the uncooked beaten egg and the sweetened type. There are various techniques that you can use to bake the dessert, namely the Italian meringue technique and the Swiss meringue technique. In order to learn how to bake meringue, discussed below are the simple steps and procedures that you can follow when making the treat. Aside from these, the ingredients that are needed for the dessert are also mentioned.

Ingredients and Materials

To make the dessert, you have to get all the important ingredients, which include two large egg whites and ½ cup sugar. When it comes to the materials that you will use, you should have several baking sheets, an electric mixer, mixing bowls, plastic food containers, a wire cooling rack and a spatula.


Set the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and preheat. Grease the baking sheet with ½ tablespoon of vegetable oil or olive oil. Line the baking sheet with a baking parchment and drizzle the parchment with flour. Remove excess flour from the parchment. Put the egg whites in the electric mixer. Mix until the texture of the egg whites become smooth. Add the sugar and beat the mixture until it becomes stiff. Transfer the mixture on the parchment with the use of a teaspoon. Make sure that there is a short distance between each teaspoon of the mixture.

Place the baking sheet on the rack carefully. Put the rack in the center of the oven. Bake the desserts for 45 minutes. Afterwards, change the setting to the lowest temperature. Let the meringues stay inside the oven for another 45 minutes. Use the spatula to remove the desserts. Arrange on the rack and set aside for 15 minutes. Place the treats in an airtight bottle or any container. Store in cool and dry place.

Additional Tips

To enjoy the treats, you can add other ingredients like chopped walnuts and small chocolate pieces. Add these ingredients in the mixer after beating the egg whites. Aside from sugar, you can also include cream of tartar to enhance the flavor of the dessert.

If you like to prepare a meringue that looks like a cake, you do not have to use a teaspoon to transfer the mixture on the parchment. Just place the entire mixture at the center of the baking sheet and place inside the oven. After baking, you can top it with whip cream and fruits.